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Netology Group is the largest company in the Russian-speaking space specializing in full-cycle online education. Netology Group forms a line of educational products that cover the need of a modern person for education throughout his life. Netology Group creates modern, interactive educational online products. Netology Group forms effective educational teaching methods, develops technological platforms, tools and interfaces for online education, attracts the best methodologists and teachers to create educational content, and also provides a full range of advertising, marketing and sales of created educational products. 2Geart team was challenged to create a landing page to attract new employees to work with analytics in the Netology Group team.

4 resolutions

1 page

50 hours

Landing Page

Netology Group emphasizes that the field of online education today is an open space,

where there are no standards and formulas for success, and they are looking for analysts

for the space team. Therefore, the concept of the page was based on the space motive,

where the wanted analysts act as cosmonauts, whose illustrations were created specifically 

for the project. In addition, the idea of a landing page is not just a job description, but

a competition in which you can not only apply for it, but it also offers you to solve

an analytical task in order to win a prize.

Adaptive Design

The page is created in all possible resolutions: 320, 768, 1024 and 1280

to be convenient in use on a large computer screen, laptop, tablet or

mobile device.

Need Landing Page

If you have an idea of your Landing Page,

we would be glad to cooperate and make it happen.

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