Mobile App Design

Juice Advice is a mobile app that was designed and developed to help users to make their favorite juices at home. Juice Advice is just a perfect source of juice detox recipes. Juice Advice is a Family app, that’s why we also created a funny giraffe that would drink a juice with kids.

iOS App

15 Screens

60 Hours

Enter Page

Here you are! You’ll see that Juice Advice has very intuitive interface.

Main Filter

You can choose a filter you like more: color or ingredients.


Select ingredients from which you want to make juice.


Pick a juice by tapping on the ingredients.

Juice Shake

On the juice recipe screen tap on the ingredient you added to the glass and it will turn grey.

Juice Mix

When all ingredients are added simply mix it.

Bone Appetite!

Enjoy delicious home made juice!


Cute illustrations of all kinds of ingredients have been drawn specially for the Juice Advice App.

All Screens

The clean and weightless design of the app allows everyone to juice like a pro with the healthy and easy juicing recipes.

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