Yandex Games
Design Concept

2Geart team was engaged into the design of the Yandex Games

page concept. Yandex Games is a resource providing free online

games for different tastes: action games, puzzles, races, games

for two and more. The games do not need to be downloaded —

you can play in the browser.

2 Resolutions
20 Icons

50 Hours

Main Page Prototype

First, page sketches were created in order to identify the main blocks and sections of the main page. For this, all the top gaming websites and portals were analyzed, and a hierarchical scheme was built. Based on the sketch, a final prototype was made with a 15-column modular grid. Also, fonts and their sizes were chosen, all distances and indents between blocks were taken into account.

Main Page Design

This is what the final layout of the Yandex Games main page looks like. Quite simple, but at the same time bright and interactive interface. Also, for some blocks, pop-up elements have been created that are shown when they are activated. The page consists of the following sections: trending games, games news, games genres, top games, videos and photos gallery, games store and knowledge base.

Icons by Genre

Since Yandex has its own style solution for icons, 

it was decided to make game icons in a similar style.

Need Website

Have idea for your website? Feel free to share it

with us, as we are ready for cooperation!

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