Car Service Mobile App

Car Service App Design

The project’s objective was to design and develop an App connecting Car service centers with Car owners. It helps customers to find the nearest car service centre and schedule an appointment. Customers can then track the status of their car’s repair, while Car Service centers accept the booking, give a quote for repairs and notify the client when the car is ready. The App is developed with two modes: one for Car Services centers and the other for Customers. The app is made for Android platform only.

Android App

20+ Screens

100 Hours

How It Works?

Within the app, the customer can put his vehicles into a virtual garage. They can enter

information such as the vin number, registration and make, car’s model. The customer can

track the repair or service history of each vehicle, including any associated costs.

The customer can enter the details of the repair or service which needs to be carried out.

The service centre can then provide a quote and available booking time for the repair or service. There is a personal chat option between customer and service centre for quick communication. All the customer’s history is saved on the server site. Should the app be

deleted, the history can be downloaded within minutes. The app can be used for individual

services or for multiple services across the country.

Enter Page

Profile Page

Car View Page

Services Page

Map Page

All Screens

Overall, more than 20 screens were designed. In addition to the main screens above, many internal pages and pop-ups have been created, such as a garage page, chat page, notifications page, vehicle page, car center page, profile edit page, vehicle edit page, orders history page, order service page, calendar page, filters popups, and etc.

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Juice Advice Mobile App

Mobile App Design

Juice Advice is a mobile app that was designed and developed to help users to make their favorite juices at home. Juice Advice is just a perfect source of juice detox recipes. Juice Advice is a Family app, that’s why we also created a funny giraffe that would drink a juice with kids.

iOS App

15 Screens

60 Hours

Enter Page

Here you are! You’ll see that Juice Advice has very intuitive interface.

Main Filter

You can choose a filter you like more: color or ingredients.


Select ingredients from which you want to make juice.


Pick a juice by tapping on the ingredients.

Juice Shake

On the juice recipe screen tap on the ingredient you added to the glass and it will turn grey.

Juice Mix

When all ingredients are added simply mix it.

Bone Appetite!

Enjoy delicious home made juice!


Cute illustrations of all kinds of ingredients have been drawn specially for the Juice Advice App.

All Screens

The clean and weightless design of the app allows everyone to juice like a pro with the healthy and easy juicing recipes.

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Puzzle Animals App

Puzzle Animals
Kids App Design
and Development

The application is created for children from 2 years old. 

The app entertaining gameplay improves visual memory, 

attention to details, and sounds perception. 

Our cute characters helps children to connect and understand 

the animal nature better.

Android and iOS

30 Characters

300 Hours

Game Map

The gameplay starts from the level selection.

Before you start playing, you need to listen to the lesson 

and remember what sounds the animals make!

App is perfect for
2-5 years old kids!

Download Puzzle Animals from Google Play Market

and try it in action with your kid!

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GoShare App

GoShare Mobile App
Design Concept

The concept of a small uber-like application. The challenge was

to create several screens of the application in order to test

the customer’s idea.

Android App

4 Pages

100 Hours

Light Scheme

A version of the geolocation page and search for free drivers in light colors.

Dark Scheme

A version of the geolocation page and search for free drivers in dark colors.

Other Screens​

In total, 4 pages were created in two color schemes, with different block arrangements. This type of cooperation is also possible if you are not sure whether to take on a project and wish to see the design of several pages to make a final decision.

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Orbita Mobile App

Mobile App for Placing Ads and Reviews​

Our team was commissioned to design the Orbita Mobile App, a popular online ads and reviews placing platform. Here you will find honest reviews of various services, or you can add one yourself. Convenient search and feed page allow you to quickly navigate the catalog. After all, Orbita is not just a flea market and not a message board, but kind of a marketplace where you can also learn about promotions and get great discounts.

Android App

30+ Screens
80 Hours

Feed Page

The Feed Page consists of posts from businesses that provide various services and reviews are collected in the comments. Posts can be liked, commented, reposted, added to favorites, shared or complained. In addition, from this page, you can сreate a new ad using the camera button in the upper left corner.

Ad Placing Page

The process of placing a discount advertising on the page is as simple as possible: you just need to add an image and come up with a short description. After saving the post is automatically  posted on the feed page and added to the company account page.


Messages Page

The application also has a built-in messenger, where the user’s correspondence with other accounts is stored, and notifications can be viewed and managed. Besides, there’s a search bar to search the messages.

Profile Page

The account page is clean and simple. There is a small avatar, the total number of account likes and its rating, the type of business activity is also specified. The page contains a short description, followed by a feed of posts and reviews of the company’s services. In addition to the ability to subscribe / unsubscribe, there are several options on the page: you can make a booking, call, find out the route, see available discounts or text in private messages.

Discount Page

This is a page where special discounts can be viewed and bought for bonuses.

Other Screens​

Overall, more than 30 screens were designed. In addition to

the main screens above, many internal pages and pop-ups

have been created, such as a a log in and sign up pages,

company search pages: by name or location, opened chat

page, notifications page, profile edit page and etc.

Icons Design

Plenty of custom icons were designed to navigate the user

through the entire application.

Analytics & Internet Marketing

In addition to the design development, a number of marketing and analytics events

were carried out to promote the Orbita application.

Basic SEO Optimization

A sitemap and robots.txt creation.

SEO URLs for all start pages.

A compelling title tag and description.

SEO Url Structure

URLs structure development for overall project .

Make pages url short and keywords rich.

Google My Business

Google Business, Google Webmaster, Google Analytics registration. Company and website data is filled for Local SEO.

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