Mobile App for Placing Ads and Reviews​

Our team was commissioned to design the Orbita Mobile App, a popular online ads and reviews placing platform. Here you will find honest reviews of various services, or you can add one yourself. Convenient search and feed page allow you to quickly navigate the catalog. After all, Orbita is not just a flea market and not a message board, but kind of a marketplace where you can also learn about promotions and get great discounts.

Android App

30+ Screens
80 Hours

Feed Page

The Feed Page consists of posts from businesses that provide various services and reviews are collected in the comments. Posts can be liked, commented, reposted, added to favorites, shared or complained. In addition, from this page, you can сreate a new ad using the camera button in the upper left corner.

Ad Placing Page

The process of placing a discount advertising on the page is as simple as possible: you just need to add an image and come up with a short description. After saving the post is automatically  posted on the feed page and added to the company account page.


Messages Page

The application also has a built-in messenger, where the user’s correspondence with other accounts is stored, and notifications can be viewed and managed. Besides, there’s a search bar to search the messages.

Profile Page

The account page is clean and simple. There is a small avatar, the total number of account likes and its rating, the type of business activity is also specified. The page contains a short description, followed by a feed of posts and reviews of the company’s services. In addition to the ability to subscribe / unsubscribe, there are several options on the page: you can make a booking, call, find out the route, see available discounts or text in private messages.

Discount Page

This is a page where special discounts can be viewed and bought for bonuses.

Other Screens​

Overall, more than 30 screens were designed. In addition to

the main screens above, many internal pages and pop-ups

have been created, such as a a log in and sign up pages,

company search pages: by name or location, opened chat

page, notifications page, profile edit page and etc.

Icons Design

Plenty of custom icons were designed to navigate the user

through the entire application.

Analytics & Internet Marketing

In addition to the design development, a number of marketing and analytics events

were carried out to promote the Orbita application.

Basic SEO Optimization

A sitemap and robots.txt creation.

SEO URLs for all start pages.

A compelling title tag and description.

SEO Url Structure

URLs structure development for overall project .

Make pages url short and keywords rich.

Google My Business

Google Business, Google Webmaster, Google Analytics registration. Company and website data is filled for Local SEO.

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