War Tanks
Game Design

War Tanks is a game dedicated to armored machines. The app includes a variety of in-game locations, historical accuracy and realistic gameplay. Our team was assigned to create the game iOS app design from scratch, so you can join the army of tankers already tearing up the battlefield and plunge into legendary combat!
iOS App
8 screens

40 hours

All Screens

Overall, 8 screens were designed as an App MVP to test if the idea works. This type of cooperation is also possible if you are not sure whether to take on a project and wish to see the design of several pages to make a final decision. The main screens include enter page, create host page and training page.

Enter Page

Create Host Page

Training Page

Other Screens​

In addition to the main screens above, several internal pages have been created.

App Icon Design

Application icon design for the App Store

and iPhone home screen.

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