Website Redesign

StoneLabs is the full cycle digital and software development agency in Belarus.

StoneLabs helps businesses all across the globe build scalable,  reliable and innovative solutions to problems that real users and businesses face. Our team was assigned to create a completely new design concept, instead of an outdated version of the website, which would perfectly reflect the company’s innovative approach and the variety of digital projects.

4 Resolutions

15 Pages

10 Illustrations

40 Icons

Main page

The main page consists of several vital blocks and is built in such a way that the future client 

of the company can clearly define the main activities of the agency, its main services, advantages 

over other similar businesses, get acquainted with the list of previous clients and read their reviews. 

At the same time, the design is dominated by the brightness of colors and contrasts so that 

the user of the website was amazed by the innovative and friendly approach of the company. 

The main colors were used in accordance with the corporate identity of the agency.


To make the website more user-friendly, custom illustrations of characters and products 

were created, reflecting the main activities of the company. To add illustrations the “live” effect, 

animation was introduced, which also enhances the level of interactivity of the site.


Plenty of icons guide the user through the entire site, helping them navigate the complex solutions 

of the agency faster, serving as descriptive images for the names of some services. 

Icons are also used on the website when describing the company’s overall approach, 

its workflow and processes, as well as its main benefits.

Mobile Version

The website is designed for all possible resolutions: 320, 768, 1024, 

1280, and 1440 to be convenient in use on large computer screen, 

laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Internal Pages

The website consists of several internal pages. StoneLabs identifies three main areas of activity:

software development for sports organizations, product development and outsourcing.

Each direction has its own internal page with a description of the solutions that the company 

implements, and related projects. In addition, there are pages describing StoneLabs approach, 

a blog page, all projects page, contacts and an application form pages.

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