Sports and Wellness
App for Women

2Geart team was assigned to design a mobile app that would represent a community of like-minded women improving Wellness & Inspiring Happiness through the simple act of walking together. This is a tracking app with walking fitness classes, podcasts, meditation and workout music, where women can finding each other easily, tracking their results and communicating. Expert coaches guide women through walking classes, each one designed with easy instructions, simple exercises, and music to get blood pumping.

iOS App

10 screens

50 hours


On the on-boarding page, a user can log into her account

or create one, if she is not registered yet, to become

a community member.

Walking Screen

Once signed up, a user can start walking session, track walks, take fun classes to keep moving, set personal goal for the month or review the walking history.

Profile Screen

On profile page, a user can add a photo, change the personal information, view statistics for a week, a month or a year, log out from the account.

Inspiration Screen

This screen is created for daily inspiration and motivation for new achievements. The page is designed in the blog format for easy navigation between the articles.

Community Screen

On the community screen women are able to connect with the 99walks network. A supportive, positive community keeps women moving and inspired.

Download the App

If you want to check out the app design in action, feel free to download the 99 Walks app. You could even try to track your walks, take fun classes and set personal goal for the month!

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