Website Design
and Development

for LeggUP Platform

LeggUP is a company providing an integrated end-to-end career development platform for employees. It represents an eLearning Marketplace where learners can improve their knowledge in different fields over video-conferences with world best business coaches. For coaching professionals the system provides a network of eager learners and tech solutions that make it easier to run their business. LeggUp provides communication facility to fix assignments and appointments, manages bookings and meetings, technically supports trainings (video, messaging and interactive whiteboards), and allows various payment options and transaction and report management. Our team has been engaged in creating a website design for LeggUP.

5 Resolutions

20 Pages

10 Illustrations

40 Icons

Main Page

The main page of the website works as a landing page telling about

the product LeggUP develops. A future customer can learn about the LeggUP platform,

get acquainted with the core and additional learning programs, overall advantages

the platform offers for learners, coaches, HR leaders and universities. The main colors

on the website were used in accordance with the LeggUP corporate identity.

Internal Pages

Internal pages were created for learners, coaches, for HR leaders, for distribution partners.

On the page for coaches a new coach can learn how to receive new clients from LeggUP’s

employees benefits practice, about the advantages LeggUP offers, about the special coaching model,

coach onboarding and setup processes, about building coaching profile. On the page for learners

an employee can find the information on the main benefits LeggUP does for its students,

get familiar with the coaches and see how the platform works.

Adaptive Design

The website is designed for all possible resolutions: 320, 768, 1024,

1280, and 1440 to be convenient in use on large computer screen,

laptop, tablet or mobile device.


Plenty of custom icons were designed for the website, serving as descriptive images

for the benefits, for coaching programs, for processes and coaching models.


To make the website more user-friendly and increase the interactiveness,

custom illustrations for various internal pages were designed.

Other Screens

In addition to the main internal pages, there are plenty of other ones,

such as a sign up page, contacts and application form page, pricing,

a blog page, about page, career development page, etc.

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