Career Map and
Сharacters Design

for LeggUP Platform

LeggUP is a company providing an integrated end-to-end career development platform for employees. It represents an eLearning Marketplace where learners can improve their knowledge in different fields over video-conferences with world best business coaches. 2Geart team was assigned to design a special career map and characters for the platform.

2 Characters

30 Illustrations

6 Formats

Career Map

The career map displays the path that an employee is invited to take to improve 

his skills and effectiveness. The main task of the map is to acquaint the future learner 

step by step and interactively with the process that he/she has to go through. 

To start the career journey employee first needs to take career assessment, then choose 

the development partner and select the wellbeing program. At the end of the program, 

the learner receives a special certificate.

Characters Illustrations

To make the map and overall program more user-friendly, custom illustrations 

of man and woman characters were created. One of the characters’ main objective 

is to guide the user through the entire program, increasing its interactiveness.

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