COVID-19 Tool Design
and Development


Covid Monitoring Tool by Stone Labs introduces a free tool for monitoring Covid-19 information. With the tool sports coaches can track and visualize their athletes’ information in interactive reports, assign questionnaires, and monitor athlete health state in one place! 2Geart team was assigned to create a design for the tool from scratch.

4 Resolutions

20 Pages

15 Icons

Main Pages and Elements

The Covid-19 tool interface consists of several main pages. On the onboarding page, the coach is asked to register to start using the tool. Registration, in turn, consists of 4 main steps: filling in personal data, a questionnaire, choosing athletes, and the frequency of receiving reports on the health of sportsmen. After registering, the trainer goes to the monitoring page, which has a convenient calendar displaying information about the health of athletes for the entire month.

Mobile Resolution

For convenience, the health status of athletes is indicated in different colors: red – the athlete is sick with Covid-19, green – the athlete has recovered. By clicking on the box with the day, you can see detailed information. The system makes changes in the health status of athletes after they receive a special questionnaire. The interface design is light and clean, with several bright active elements and illustrations.

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