iPhone Cleaning App Design

2Geart Team was asked to design a cleaning app for iOS. It is an app for removing unnecessary similar photos and videos, keeping the album neat and organized. The app is helpful for those who need to speed up the phone and save the storage, by keeping the best one photo or video and removing the duplicates. The process of removing files is automatic: you delete photos and videos by one click without having to delete one by one, it even allows to select and delete multiple photos/videos at once.
iOS App

8 Screens

20 Hours

Main Screens

To test the idea, the app MVP was designed. With the help of AI technology, the app can search, analyze, and automatically remove similar photos and duplicate videos. After the smart scan, the scanning results screen appears. The screen displays information about how much space you can free up using the app. There are also buttons for an easy transition to removing the files. The app provides a premium account with advanced functionality for which the design of pages in various styles was suggested.

App Store Screens

Additionally, the bright design of screens with main pages and functions description was created for placing the application in the App Store.

App Icon Design

Application icon design for the App Store
and iPhone home screen.

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