Landing Page Design

Kalinov Rodnik is a famous Russian brand producing drink water and various non-alcoholic beverages. Among other drinks, the line of Classic Lemonades based on Kalinov Rodnik water is distinguished. We were tasked with making a bright, fresh and attractive Landing Page design to increase the number of brand sales.

4 Resolutions

4 Screens

20 Hours

Landing Page

The objective of the page is to show all the soft drinks from the Сlassic Lemonades

line, as well as encourage a customer to try new bright flavors. In the design of the page

the drinks’ real pictures were used to clearly demonstrate the products’ look.


Fully Responsive Design

The website is designed for all possible resolutions: 320, 768, 1024, and 1440

to be convenient in use on large computer screen, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

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