Vyazaniya.ru Website and Logo Design

Website and Logo Design

Vyazaniya.ru is an online store that allows knitting and crocheting lovers to purchase knitting schemes for various items of clothing: sweaters, jumpers, cardigans, scarves, hats, mittens and more. The task was to design and build an e-commerce website from scratch and suggest a logo for the brand.

5 Resolutions

15 Pages

20 Logos

40 Hours

Main Pages

Our design team came up with several home page concepts, as well as a product card design, a shopping cart, a page of liked schemes, and an error page. The design was created in accordance with the stylistic preferences of the customer.

All Resolutions

The website was designed in 5 resolutions to fit all the devices.

Logo Design Concepts

In addition to website design, we also designed a logo for the brand. In total, 3 iterations were carried out and more than 20 logo concepts were proposed.

Final Logo Design

The final version of the logo turned out to be cute and funny, as the customer imagined it.

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Sportwinner Website and Logo Design

Website Design
and Development

Sportwinner is a website where you can find reliable sports predictions from analysts for football, basketball and tennis. 2Geart team was asked to create a comprehensive website from scratch.

4 Resolutions

30 Pages

2 Colors

20 Icons

Main Page

The main page consists of several main blocks: how it works, the selection of a professional analyst and its forecasts statistics, the choice of a tariff and subscribing, a table of all forecasts.

Other Pages

In addition to the home page, several internal pages have been created: the trust management page, questions and answers, forecast statistics, contacts, and several pop-ups.

Logo Design Concepts

Our team suggested more than 10 logotype concepts, as a result

of which the one that the customer liked the most was chosen.


In addition to the main internal pages, there are plenty of other ones,

such as a sign up page, contacts and application form page, pricing,

a blog page, about page, career development page, etc.

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Tony Music Website and Logo Design

Music Producer
Website and Logo

Tony is a multi-instrumentalist musician, composer, producer and stock house, able to work in almost every musical genre and style. He has a keen sense of what’s right for a project and how to capture the mood and energy. 2Geart team was asked to design a modern but calm website that would reflect the producer’s attitude and develop a new logo for the brand.

1 Prototype

4 Pages

25 Hours

Main Page

Firstly a prototype of the main page was created in order to identify the main blocks and sections.

For this, we analyzed the top music websites and portals. Based on the prototype and our customer’s

desires, a final layout was created. Also, fonts and their sizes were chosen, all distances and indents

between blocks were taken into account. The main page of the website consists of several blocks:

welcome block, ad reel, playlist, music gallery.

Other Pages

Several internal pages were also designed. They include About page, where there’s

more info on the composer, music genres, awards and customers; Music Production

page with a catalog of albums produced; an Album page with the music player.

Logo Design Concepts

Our team suggested more than 20 logotype concepts, as a result

of which the one that the customer liked the most was chosen.

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Car Service Mobile App

Car Service App Design

The project’s objective was to design and develop an App connecting Car service centers with Car owners. It helps customers to find the nearest car service centre and schedule an appointment. Customers can then track the status of their car’s repair, while Car Service centers accept the booking, give a quote for repairs and notify the client when the car is ready. The App is developed with two modes: one for Car Services centers and the other for Customers. The app is made for Android platform only.

Android App

20+ Screens

100 Hours

How It Works?

Within the app, the customer can put his vehicles into a virtual garage. They can enter

information such as the vin number, registration and make, car’s model. The customer can

track the repair or service history of each vehicle, including any associated costs.

The customer can enter the details of the repair or service which needs to be carried out.

The service centre can then provide a quote and available booking time for the repair or service. There is a personal chat option between customer and service centre for quick communication. All the customer’s history is saved on the server site. Should the app be

deleted, the history can be downloaded within minutes. The app can be used for individual

services or for multiple services across the country.

Enter Page

Profile Page

Car View Page

Services Page

Map Page

All Screens

Overall, more than 20 screens were designed. In addition to the main screens above, many internal pages and pop-ups have been created, such as a garage page, chat page, notifications page, vehicle page, car center page, profile edit page, vehicle edit page, orders history page, order service page, calendar page, filters popups, and etc.

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Christmas AR App

New Year & Christmas
AR App Design

The application is based on artificial intelligence technology.
With it, you can record a video message and a real Santa will personally wish your kid a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Santa looks very realistic and is right at your place!

iOS App

10 Screens

50 Hours

Application Map

The gameplay starts from the grid settings to put Santa on the surface. 

Then, you can record your voice message, and shoot a small congratulation movie.

on the App Store

Waste no time! Go and download the app on the App Store to try it in action.

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