P.Pole Pizza Banners Design

Banners Design

P.Pole Pizza isn’t just another pizza concept – it is an opportunity for you to express yourself through pizza. P.Pole Pizza is a place for the people on the go. Here you can create what you crave with the variety of fresh doughs, sauces, cheeses and toppings. At P.Pole Pizza, the options are endless! Our team was asked to create banners design specifically for the pizzeria.

2 Sizes

4 Banners

20 hours


In total, 4 banners were created in two most popular advertising sizes: 250 px by 250 px and 300 px by 600 px.



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PetGlobals Website

Website Design and Development

PetGlobals website is a bulletin board for selling and buying

pets worldwide. The website consists of multiple pages,

including the main page, personal account, pets catalog,

pet card, services page, favorite breeds, blog and many other

internal pages.

10 Pages

6 Banners

40 hours

Main Page

The main page displays a part of the pet catalog and banners 

designed for the website. User can search by ads, go to the latest news, 

study popular breeds, go to special tips on choosing and caring 

for animals or subscribe to the newsletter.

Other Pages​

Pet Card

Here, on a pet card you can see the details about a pet
such as its full description, read feedback from owners,

learn about the delivery options, and view comments.

Except this, you can find out more information about

the breed here or go to the similar ads.

Cat Search

Advanced Cat Search allows you to search by various filters 

such as type of cat temperament, care love level, wool length, 

size, health, attitude to children and family, as well as tolerance 

to other animals.


The catalog conveniently shows pets cards including the most important information: pet’s image, its price and location. You can both search the catalog manually or with the help of search bar and set up the necessary filters, for example, by price, location, breed and age of a pet, etc.

Dog Search

Advanced Dog Search helps to search dog by its age, sex, 

location, availability of documents, as well as its ad type.


The design of several types of banners was created: large landscape banners 

for the slider on the main page, as well as several smaller banners of a portrait type 

with buttons. The main task of large banners is to attract the user’s attention 

and convey valuable information about the uniqueness of the service. 

Secondary banners are designed to go to the website internal pages.

Main Banners

Secondary Banners

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